Alex Linebrink

Alex Linebrink, looking cool (if a bit stoned)

Alex Linebrink, looking cool (if a bit stoned)

My name is Alex Linebrink.

I teeter between two life goals.  One is to make the whole world smile. The other is to experience EVERYTHING. Most of my days you’ll see me doing something towards accomplishing one of those.

I love music.  It’s one of those projects I keep coming back to.  I’m easily the LEAST knowledgable about anything “music” related in our group.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate tunes.  I feel and experience music rather than “know” it.  In fact, everyone would regularly criticize me at practices for having no idea what note or chord or even key I was playing.  What’s the big deal?  My hands remembered.  They lived those songs over and over.

I’m a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur.  I always have to be starting something new.  Even if I never finish a project, I always have to have something fresh to keep my attention.  Otherwise, I get bored and life becomes meaningless.

Outside of here, I’m all over any sort of technology you can use to connect people.  I love the internet, mobile phones, social networks, and coffeeshops.  I run a blog, a design studio (yeah, I made this website), a corporate identity, a non-profit, and a lot of other things that I don’t tell anyone about.  I thrive on always being as connected as possible.  I work constantly to create equity in relationships.  Someday I’ll be rich, one way or another.

Another tid-bit: I don’t like pomeranians.  Sure, this line is just for a contest (and will be taken down soon), but yeah — I just don’t like them.

I can’t really think of anything else to say.  Follow me on twitter (or just read below) if you want to know more.

follow me on Twitter

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