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After working together in a variety of previous settings as fellow students and musicians at Hillsdale College, Josh Peterson, Noah Kerr and Ethan Lewis decided to put together a cohesive group in Fall 2007, recruiting local media-networking guru and bassist Alex Linebrink. Soon after, classical violinist, Celtic fiddler and all-around trouble-making artist Meredith Bogacz joined the lineup and things moved along.

The group (then known as Seraphim) played in an eclectic mixture of venues, finding willing ears in local acoustic coffeehouses, as well as campus events and friend’s homes. While collegiate graduation was to scatter these friends to the four winds, they cut a ten-track album of original material for the sake of friendship, learning, and sharing. Renamed The Eastern Gate, the late group’s album is entitled ‘Seraphim.’



Due to legal issues, we decided to change the band name to “The Eastern Gate” for the release of our first (and likely only) album, creatively titled “Seraphim”.  That was on Monday, January 5th, 2009 - and OH what a Monday it was!  We put up notices on Facebook and MySpace that the album was available, and within hours our loyal fan-base had sky-rocketed us to the top 1000 albums on Amazon MP3.  

A couple hours later we were still climbing, now into the top 500.  Finally, at about 6 PM, we reached our top spot at #200 on the Amazon best-selling MP3 albums of the day.  Not only were we on the top albums charts, but we also reached #1 on the “Movers and Shakers” list.  

We were speechless!  How in the world did an amature, unsigned band of just-graduated college students (from a college of only 1,200 in a town of less than 7,000) manage to crack Amazon MP3’s top 200 albums in only a matter of hours?!

It seems there is something to this social networking thing….


The Eastern Gate is:

  • Josh Peterson - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion.
  • Noah Kerr - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, Sax.
  • Alex Linebrink - Vocals, Bass, Shaker.
  • Ethan Lewis - Drums, Percussion, Metronome, “Your Mom” jokes.
  • Meredith Bogacz - Violin, Dirty looks.

Want more details?  Scope out the individual band-member pages below:

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