How to get the album for FREE or REALLY cheap.

11002014538I thought that would get your attention! :)

Our album just went live today on one of my favorite digital music stores:  Amie Street has one of the most creative pricing schemes I’ve ever seen.  Every album starts out free, and gradually increases in price up to a maximum of $0.98 per song. SO, if you’re the first person to snag our album off of Amie Street, it’s yours FREE!  If you’re the second person it will cost you like $0.50 for the album, and so on.  Interested?  Check it out here.

So what if you’re not first?  No biggie!  Our album is already listed on which is giving 50 free web songs to new signups, and you can always buy the album for web-only play (wherever you have an internet connection) for $0.80.  That’s right, the whole album for $0.80.

Need to have an Mp3 copy on your machine ? No biggie!  In the next few days you’ll see our album show up on That’s good news, because eMusic is giving out 40 free downloads to any new sign-ups.  Even if you’re not new, eMusic is a great place to shop — songs only end up costing about $0.30 each.  Check ‘em out!

Finally, if you’re into the subscription thing, you can signup with napster for a 14-day UNLIMITED download free trial, AND 10 free non-subscription downloads (conveniently JUST enough for our 10 track album :D).  Check it out!

As always, don’t forget to leave a review if you have a few extra minutes.  

We’ll see YOU in Hillsdale, MI this MARCH!

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