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Thanks everyone!  

Below are just a few of the awesome reviews we’re getting from all over.  Thanks again — you’re awesome.  Stay tuned — we’re already getting interest from the press, and expecting a barrage of coverage on Monday.  Keep spreading the word!  And if you or anyone you know are working in journalism (including popular blogs), media, radio (online or offline), or anything that could get us some extra exposure — HOOK US UP!  We’re giving out free downloads of a few songs to press for review or radio play.  

One of the more interesting and eclectic albums, drawing from a wide range of inspiration from Led Zeppelin to Radiohead, from traditional irish melodies to blues riffs. Melodically driven, soaring instrumentals and and creative arrangements from a group of talented young musicians. … keep and eye out for these people in the future.   — M. Rhiannon Sheehan - Brooklyn, NY (via Amazon)

… The Eastern Gate succeeds in running in their first musical endeavor is laudatory; the inclusion of less finished and polished material is admirable. One feels that they are experiencing the musical process, which few bands are able to draw the listener into. — Jason Carr, Hillsdale, MI (via Amazon)

These tracks showcase a variety of styles from acoustic folk in “I and You,” to pop/alternative in “Light and Sound,” and 80s rock in “Rock and Roll Nun.” Needless to say, there is something for everyone in this album. All in all a great album from small town superstars. — Dorian Blakley - Minneapolis, MN (via Amazon)

… Each song on the album speaks of influences in different genres, and their wide-ranging stylistic ventures ensure a fascinating blend of melodic prowess, catchy tunes, and moments of sheer brilliance. The group breaks through the mold not only in their clever instrumentation but in their inspired use of violin to provide melodic counterpoint to the vocals and break free of the standard over-saturated musical genres. For those looking for a driving, virtuosic tour-de-force, look no further than The Eastern Gate’s debut album, “Seraphim.”  — Allen J. Shoff - Akron, OH (via Amazon)

Seraphim is awesome!!  — KalyanAkkipeddi - Ooty, India (via Twitter)

I bought the album and … I love the website, too!  — Tonya Kay - Los Angeles, CA (via Twitter)

Thanks again — you guys ROCK.

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