Operation: BOMB iTunes!

bombWe’re going to BOMB iTunes, and we want YOU to help.

That’s right.  On Monday January 19th, 2009, we’re going to send an army to iTunes to MAKE HISTORY.  

Two weeks ago The Eastern Gate released our first ever album, independent of a label, and completely un-mastered. We were floored when the album hit #200 on the Amazon MP3 top-selling charts in a matter of hours — all without the backing of a big record label bankroll. 

Help us make HISTORY again, this time on the world’s most watched digital music retailer: iTunes. We’re going to BOMB iTunes on January 19th, 2009 by all buying the album at once. By doing so, we’re going to PROVE that an independent artist can still top charts based on GOOD MUSIC, and not the bankroll of the big labels.

Prove to the world that YOU and not a multi-million dollar guerrilla marketing campaign decide what good music really is. 

If you like our music help us make history, and tell all your friends to do the same!

WE especially need your help in recruiting an army for us.  So please, help make this site and event as popular as possible!

E-mail it, share it on E-mail it, share it on Facebook, Stumble it (THIS ONE IS HUGE!), vote on Reddit, DIGG it, Clip IT, and anything else.  

PLEASE — even if you don’t  know what those sites are, check them out and consider signing up for an account to help get the word out.  AND, don’t forget to SIGN IN with Google or Twitter on the right and share our site with your friends!

You can also sign up for e-mail updates on the right if you’re forgetful like me :)

Thanks a ton — you all are the best.

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