Don't forget to grab the album art!

Don't forget to grab the album art!

The “unofficial” numbers are in.  

The result?  YOU still rock.

While the sales figures for the last week weren’t quite as good as we had hoped - and again, these numbers are unofficial and possibly innaccurate - they still were definitely a sign of success.  Last week on iTunes alone we had 263 individual purchases from 20 different metro areas across the U.S.  

Not too shabby.  

Definitely not earth-shattering or chart topping numbers, but a huge success none-the-less.  

Want more proof?  Below is a good summary of some of the awesomeness that YOU have made possible:

Website stats — 

  • At this point, we’ve had over 1,800 views of the site, from 33 different countries, and with 21 different default languages on their web-browsers.  I guess music really is the universal language! :P
  • On Wednesday (Jan 21st) we released a “Thank YOU!” free download-able track (go get it yourself!) on the website.  It’s a special version of “Whirlwind” not available on the purchased album.  That track alone has been downloaded 62 times.
  • 29 users have signed in at our site to become members.  Users can sign-in with their logins for Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or AIM. 

 Social Networks / Services —

  • On Facebook our “Help us MAKE HISTORY!” event garnered over 1700 total invitations, and over 300 “Yes” or “Maybe” responses.
  • Between Facebook and MySpace, we have 70 new fans since the album release on January 5th.
  • Our MySpace profile has been viewed 554 times.
  • On Twitter (@theeasterngate) we’ve gathered 152 followers in the last two weeks, including MTV Music (@MTV_Music), EMI Music Norway (@EMINO), ATT Mobile Music (@attmobilemusic), and several music blogs and radio stations.

Music sites —

  • Our album “Seraphim” is being sold on FIVE music distribution sites (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster,, and will be on FOUR others within the next two weeks (eMusic, Rhapsody,, and
  • On our first day for sale on Amazon MP3 (January 5th), we reached #200 on the best-selling albums of the day, and #1 on the “Movers and Shakers” chart.  Since then, we’ve peaked back into the top 1000 albums in sales rank 6 times.
  • Between Amazon MP3 and iTunes, 13 fans have left reviews — all 5 stars.  We have a perfect 5 star rating at both stores right now.
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