Midnight Update: What a DAY!

Waiting for the results...

Waiting for the results...

Congratulations on an awesome day!  

The e-mails, Facebook comments, and iTunes reviews keep rolling in with congratulations, thanks, and encouragement.  If it stops at that, we’ve already done something awesome.  Any event that causes that many people to rally together and make a stand for something this noble is a big deal!  

So far, I haven’t seen us crack into the “Top 100 Albums” chart on iTunes, but that doesn’t mean ALL hope is lost!  For one, the chart hasn’t caught up to midnight yet — it’s still at around 10:24 PM.  Second, the chart might be charting for the LAST 24 hours ONLY.  That would mean our positioning wouldn’t even have a chance to start until the chart time-stamp hits midnight, and more like 7 or 8 AM (so, we need to check back tomorrow).  And third, we made a lot of noise and momentum today!  We’re still waiting on at least two feature newspaper articles to come out, so there’s a good chance the press to come AND the already built momentum could push us into the charts sometime in the next few days!

One thing I do know is this: YOU put on QUITE a show.  The reviews on iTunes are rolling in, and people are talking about our album that I’ve never met before.  It’s a beautiful thing!

Not everybody was in love with what we were doing, though.  At about 8:20 PM (at the heat of our most active stream of web traffic) the site was hacked.  I apologize tremendously if you came during the next couple hours when it may have been dysfunctional or trying to push weird java-scripts at you.  On the other side, though, congratulations on being part of something so passionate that it caused controversy! :)  Deep in my heart, I believe it was a jealous record label that hired that hacker :)

The updates will still be coming tomorrow, so keep checking back.  Also, be sure to check out the newest site feature: the Shout-Box!  Feel free to shout something out to the site visitors by typing your message in the sidebar :)  You can even put video in there.

Finally, don’t stop spreading the word!  If you like our music, and you know of anyone else who would like it, PLEASE send the word on!  Even if our 1-day bomb doesn’t end up landing us that top 100 spot, we’ve covered some MAJOR ground for a no-name band and certainly hope for more!

Do you have any questions? Comments? Ideas?  Success stories? PLEASE drop us a line!  You’ve been the source of any success we’ve had, and your input is IMPORTANT to us.


-Alex & The Eastern Gate

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