Here’s a Treat — Our “Thank You”

Yeah, Noah rocks too.

Yeah, Noah rocks too.

Because you ROCK.  

A few of you have noticed that the version of “Whirlwind” is a bit different than the album release.  You’re right — we were messing around afterwards and Ethan mixed up this version with a rad intro and a re-mixed solo.  

So, as our “Thanks” for your participation and support in the events of the last week, here it is — our present to you, absolutely FREE.

Whirlwind w/ Intro (right-click and click “Save As” to download)

In other news, I can’t say it enough: you guys have been INCREDIBLE.  Over the last week we’ve gotten over 1,500 views of the website from 29 different countries, with 18 different native languages on their web-browsers.  I guess music really is universal, eh?

We haven’t seen the album hit the iTunes charts yet, but we are still watching, so KEEP ‘EM COMING!  I’m wondering if the iTunes charts only work on an extended period of time.  Believe it or not, we’ve actually made it back into the top 1000 on Amazon MP3 twice in the last two days.  Way to go!

Thanks again.  The positive responses keep rolling in.  We’ve had people writing us about how inspiring we’ve been, and a rather large MI band by the name of Darling Down ask us to play with them. 

Who knows — if this kind of response keeps up, we might have to find ourselves in the same area again for long enough to play a few more shows :)

There are always more updates coming, so why not subscribe so you don’t have to keep checking back here?  Links are in the top-right for both RSS and E-Mail updates.

Have an AWESOME night!

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