Hey everybody —

We need your HELP, and NOW!

And we know you’re super busy, so here are 10 ways you can help MAKE HISTORY in TWO MINUTES OR LESS :::

(BTW — if you don’t know what our mission is yet, check it out HERE: http://bit.ly/15wOM )

#1) ~45 SECONDS: Go to http://theeasterngate.net and become a member with your Facebook login (on the sidebar) Then, invite your friends! Invites are limited, so only invite people who aren’t already members :) 

#2) ~1 MINUTE, 35 SECONDS: If you haven’t yet, accept your “MAKE HISTORY” event invitation @http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=58847846008 AND INVITE FRIENDS! ( A few hundred would only take a minute — and you know EVERYONE will like our music :) )

#3) ~1 MINUTE, 35 SECONDS: Become our FAN on FACEBOOK! And invite a BUNCH of Friends to do the same :) NOTE: this is the NEW Page — http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Eastern-Gate/21899712407

#4)< 1 MINUTE: Stumble US! You can help send THOUSANDS of web-surfers our way just by signing up for an account at http://www.stumbleupon.com and “Stumbling” our pages. Especially THESE: http://bit.ly/S7Hx and http://bit.ly/3LZ9YZ )

#5) < 30 SECONDS: Reddit US! Reddit is another BIG source for traffic online. Help us get to the front page! Vote for us HERE: http://bit.ly/TsRS

#6) < 30 SECONDS: DIGG US! Are you a DIGG member? If not, become one! It takes 15 seconds, and popular sites on DIGG will be seen by HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of visitors! http://bit.ly/xDsZ

#7) ~2 MINUTES: POST about us on some forums you’re a member on! Link to our site -http://theeasterngate.net - or to our story directly: http://bit.ly/15wOM . Remember, word-of-mouth REIGNS!

#8) ~2 MINUTES: TELL your music loving friends! Send out an e-mail, write a blog post, or make a phone call and tell people about the mission! Tell them to check out our music @http://theeasterngate.net , and spread the word! IF you’d like to post our music anywhere, e-mail us for a free sample track.

#9) ~2 MINUTES: Write some reviews! We’re already up on iTunes ( http://bit.ly/1SOtAv ), Amazon ( http://bit.ly/F1b7 ), LaLa ( http://bit.ly/jL1Gc ), Napster ( http://bit.ly/fOP ), and ShockHOUND (http://bit.ly/6nY5 ). Write some reviews to tell people what you think!

#10) ~30 SECONDS: Don’t forget to buy the album TOMORROW! And PLEASE, leave a review :) http://bit.ly/1SOtAv

And PLEASE! Feel free to be creative in any other way you can think up. Got a story about something awesome you did to help promote? Drop us a line @ stories@theeasterngate.netand we’ll write a post about it for everyone to see! Also, if you cannot get people mobilized on Monday, don’t fret. We’re going to have quite a bit of press and links coming Monday and Tuesday, so the momentum should hold for at least the week. ANYTHING helps!

THANK YOU. This is more about YOU proving word-of-mouth beats out ANY advertising campaign than it is about us. YOU truly are the most powerful force when it comes to spreading an idea.

-Alex & The Eastern Gate

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